What is the Network?

The Sozo Ministries' Network of Churches is all about spiritual covering and partnership for God's Kingdom.

The purpose of this network is: 

to build Kingdom-focused ministry relationships and to facilitate cooperation in fulfilling the call of global evangelism, lifelong discipleship, ministry training, and church planting. 

Some of the benefits of this network are: 

  • Spiritual covering and apostolic oversight for churches and ministry leaders. (This includes legal covering for churches in Uganda and Kenya.)
  • Ministry Licensing and Ordination opportunities for church leadership.
  • Ministry training opportunities from Sozo leaders and missions teams.
  • Prayer, counseling, and ministry advice from Sozo leadership.
  • Fellowship with other network churches.
  • Cooperation with network members in missions, outreach, and church planting.
  • Access to ministry resources produced by Sozo Ministries. 

In joining the network, a church will formally enter into a covenant relationship under the spiritual leadership of Sozo Ministries for the purpose of doing ministry together.


Expectations of Network Members Include:
  •  Completion of the network application and prerequisites determined by the Sozo Ministries Board of Elders. 
  • The senior leader should hold or be pursuing a certificate of theology (or similar) from a recognized educational institution.
  • An annual church report will be required (due in January), giving an update regarding the church's ministries and programs. Reports will include financial statements as well as records of salvations,  healings, deliverances, baptisms, and other ministry achievements. 
  • Participation in the Sozo Ministries Annual Conventions. 
  • Financial support of the Sozo Ministries national office. 
  • Church leaders must lead their personal life, family, finances, and ministry in agreement with the principles and moral standards of Scripture. They should hold an exemplary reputation and testimony with those outside of the body of Christ. 
Joining the Network

For those desiring to join the Network of Churches, there is a process in place to assess the Holy Spirit's leading in the decision, as well as certain requirements that the church's senior leadership must meet before membership is granted.

Please do NOT request to join the network out of a desire for legal covering, expectations of financial support, or other personal reasons.

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