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In 2017, Sozo Ministries began its work in Kenya by planting our Juja church under the leadership of Ap. John Mwangi. The church began in a sitting room, then moved to a small one-room rental that could seat about 20 people, before finally finding a piece of land to rent and putting up a "temporary structure" made of metal sheets and steel framing.

We have always known that renting the land was temporary, and we have been patiently waiting on the Lord to provide us with a piece of land of our own. Although other plots have become available in the last few years, the Lord has never allowed us to purchase them.

However, a purchase and/or move is now imminent as the landlord met with Ap. John right after Easter and explained her desire to sell the land where the church currently sits. Unfortunately, being in a city location on the outskirts of Nairobi, the land is not cheap. Yet we do know that the number on a pricetag has never stopped the Lord!

The landlord is giving us the first option to buy the plot before putting it on the market in a few months (when our current 6-month rent payment has run out). The price tag is $50,000, but it may flex some as the Kenyan exchange rates continue to shift.

The landlord has agreed to take four equal payments over a year. Unfortunately, this need is completely out of our hands, as we currently have nothing to give as a down payment. We need our Miracle-Working God to move on this.

Please make this a matter of prayer!

The Juja church is not only the first Sozo Ministries Church in Kenya, but it the hub of our Kenya operations. This church is the "mother church" to all our other churches in Kenya, and is becoming a training base for sending out disciple-makers and church planters around the country.

Right now, the church members are beginning to raise funds internally, but we know they will not be able to do it alone in the timeframe at hand. If you want to give toward this need in any way, you can use the button below. (For any donors wanting to make a larger contribution, please email me at to discuss checks, ACH, or direct deposits to save on high fees.)

Also, make sure to check out this video from Apostle John explaining where the Lord has brought us from and where we hope to take our flagship Kenya church next: